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The Official web site of Alex Doulis, noted expert and best selling author on offshore investing, banking and asset protection.

Alex consults primarily to Canadians who want to hold assets and investments in no- tax offshore havens legally. This can be done for those who wish to remain residents of Canada, and for those who are considering leaving or entering Canada.

Tax avoidance is legal, just ask Paul Martin and the host of other wealthy Canadian icons with their assets offshore. More importantly, everyone wants your “stuff”. It can be governments, unsatisfied spouses or spurious plaintiffs. The problem for them is if your stuff isn’t here they are unlikely to get it.

Alex Doulis

The books on this site address tax avoidance through residency and structuring to your rights as a taxpayer and how the system works in Canada. These are all designed to relieve you of the “Kraft Dinner” syndrome when you’re past your most productive years.

You can read if you want why the stock market was not established to make your rich, but how you can achieve security through investing and foregoing speculating.

My next book is about the investment regulatory industry and why it protects the regulated and not the investor.

For those fans of Government ineptitude, have a gander at Alex's Tax Dollars at Work, an ongoing litany of Government's waste of your tax dollars. You may even want to contribute your story to that page.


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This book discuss criminals working in the investment industry. You will be surprised to learn who they are.