"My Blue Haven" - Alex Doulis' 2nd book, already a best-seller! Suitable for Prime Ministers of all ages.

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My Blue Haven

Alex heard from readers of "Take Your Money and Run" who had in the words of Zorba the Greek, "House, wife , children, the full catastrophe" and were thus unable to start lives of freedom outside of Canada. For those people anchored to Canada for some years to come or who want to remain but fear the powers of the courts and governments to separate the citizens from their assets "My Blue Haven" provides the answers. Methods are described that provide asset protection and tax avoidance.

Updated in 2001 to reflect the proposed but uninitiated year 2000 changes to the Tax Act, the book describes the ultimate financial insurance policy. As long as the government has friends with offshore structures this book will continue to be  the thinking man's guide to the use of the offshore.

Find out how trusts and offshore corporations can be used to protect you and your family just as they do for your friendly Prime Ministers past and future.



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